Situated at the very heart of the Mediterranean, at the crossroads of the East and West, North and South, Tunisia enjoys a favourable sea and land situation.

Its open and hospitable land is a melting-pot where the people and civilizations of the mediterranean, Africa and Europe have met and merged over thousands of years.
Deep in its soil lie the roots of the oldest civilizations the world has known, and these fertile minglings have formed the tunisisan charakter and endowed it with its main features; hunmanism, creativity attachement to freedom, moderation and openness.


The eternal Tunisia ... is also the Tunisia of today, resolutely embarked upon the path of progress and modernity.
It quests for reconstruction and works for national reconciliation to strengthen the foundations of civil society, to support human rights and womens achievements, to carry out economic reform and to induce a balanced developpement. 

We cant deny, that much has been done to strengthen Tunisias presence and contribution throughout the world, to continue building up the Maghreb as a unified entity and to develop cooperation and solidarity with sister and friendly countries.

Does our society live tidiness, maintenance of its morals, traditions and genuine principles?
Unfortunately it seems not to do!

The majority are suffering under the dependence, the blind imitation, the quest for the perishabe appearences rather than the basic pit of the "evolution?".

Tunisia is not perfect, but it is uninterruptly striving for reaching enough social security, reconciliation and a balanced developpement.