Instant payday loan is the one which can be availed immediately – within minutes.

The loan is applied online with zero or negligible eligibility and paperwork; within minutes one gets the approval for the loan and it is credited to the account. Such loans are popular among the people of low income groups or those undergoing serious financial crisis or even those in disaster affected areas. However, the interest rates are high for these short term loans.

There is no harm in going for an instant payday loan. However, many low income people get stuck in payday rollover fees. A rollover loan is nothing but a loan taken to pay the previous loan whose duration is over. For instance, if the initial payday loan was $100 with $25 interest; the amount payable is $125. When one fails to pay this amount on time and goes for a rollover loan, the interest is $31.25 for amount of $125. Thus one lands up paying $56.25 for the original amount of $100. It is important to make proper financial plans to avoid this trap. It is advisable to cut out all unnecessary expenses till the loan is paid and balance other debts and payments.

Instant payday loan is also used to rebuild the credit as most of the lenders do not check credit history while providing the loan. This is because, the credit score or FICO score is dependent on several factors like payment history, amount owed, duration of credit history, new credit and type of credit. While different factors have different weightage when considered by credit bureaus, one can reap benefits by improving on new credit. For example, one can take up new loans and repay them fully and on time. This can be repeated a couple of times to balance the new credit factor to boost the credit score.

According to a survey, an average online borrower has following features:

  •     Average age is 36 years old.
  •     Makes $47,260 per year.  (Slightly above U.S. GDP per capita.)
  •     Has been employed for the past four years.
  •     Has been at current address for three years and seven months.
  •     Has a  45.2 percent chance of being a home owner

This suggests how selective the payday lenders are. Because payday lenders rarely check FICO scores, the debt-to-income ratio is not available to them, and the best metrics for establishing an ability to repay is checking TeleTrack or CL Verify and applicants’ income level.

Attractive websites and advertisements are used on a large scale by the companies who provides Instant payday loan. Majority of these clients are women. Statistics show that around two million plan to take payday loan over next six months which is 25 percent more than men. However, many cases have been registered when the borrower was unable to repay on time and was imposed heavy interest. Hence it is important to make wise utilization of this privilege and let it turn into an opportunity rather than a curse.

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